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letter from harris county attorney

Houston, Texas Today, several losing Republican candidates filed election contests to void the more than 1 million votes cast in Harris Countys November 2022 election. Neither he nor Ted Heap seems to have gotten any better at math or more truthful in general, so most likely this will play out in similar fashion. I believe thats the first Ive heard of the construction timeline being pushed back to 2027, which is a modest benefit no matter what else happens. After closing the polls, election judges will hand off ballots to law enforcement officers and deputized county staffers, who will drive the equipment to the central counting station at NRG Arena on the judges behalf. Dan Simons is represented by Elizabeth Alvarez. USLF amends and updates the forms as is required by Texas statutes and law. Not a dismissal, but I hope that will demonstrate our commitment., Menefee said he will ask the court for a stay of 30 days, and then potentially extend that for an additional 30 days if the discussions are fruitful., The pause is a show of good faith by the county to remind TxDOT that were in this to find solutions and address community concerns, Menefee said in a statement. Texas law says that if the ballots legal custodian, typically a local election official, makes unauthorized entry into the secure container containing the voting ballots during the preservation period, or fails to prevent another person from making an unauthorized entry, the custodian has committed a Class A misdemeanor, Bitter wrote. The San Antonio Report consulted another expert with a similar opinion. The motion was granted by a district court judge and then put on hold by the Fifth Circuit. And Id bet none of those county judges suffer for any of it politically, either. A temporary guardianship may be created without notice to the ward if the court has probable cause to believe that the incapacitated minor or adult person requires the immediate appointment of a guardian, without a formal doctors letter or hearing. We cant spend money to design and we cant spend money to do those things, Ryan said at the forum, which drew criticism because it was for paying guests only at an event sponsored by various engineering, construction and planning firms. The letter, addressed to Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan on Nov. 25, concludes the appointment of Isabel Longoria as the county's first election administrator is "unlawful and null and void I have $15 Million in Zimbabwe dollars locked in a safe. Neither party raised concerns. Im tentative to overreach at the moment.. Voters who were in line by 7 p.m. were able to vote normally, while those who arrived between 7 and 8 p.m. were allowed to cast provisional ballots. We want a project that does not displace, and we know that wide freeways do not relieve traffic, the group said. Texas law allows voting by mail in certain circumstances, including when a voter is 65 years old or older, sick, or disabled, out of the country on election day, or confined in jail. Check out the subscription page by clicking Buy Now. In the 18-page filing to the Texas Supreme Court around 2 p.m. on Tuesday, the local Republican party says despite assurances that election officials have it under control, state election law and past experience make them wary to hand over ballots to emissaries so they can ferry to a central location. Applications are frequently submitted to start up concrete batch plants in the Houston area. But I have always believed that one way or another this was going to happen, so any improvements or modifications to the original plan have to be considered with that in mind. Thats a somewhat complicated headline for this. Tom Ramsey, County Commissioner, Precinct 3 UPDATE: Heres a later version of the story about the GOPs lawsuit over the results delivery process. They dont know when theyre going to run afoul of this vague [law].. They have a goal in mind and this is why they hired a lawyer. Under state law, ballots should be delivered by either the election judge or an election clerk designated by that judge. The travel time alone for the attorneys will be in the thousands when ZOOM meetings are not allowed! Harris County gives 3 for one on non-violent offense but not DWI or BMV. His math is wrong. Rory Olsen is represented by Jared Woodfill. Heap 0 69,735 18,880 68,808 Thanks! Nor did Paxtons office intervene this year when voting hours were also extended by one hour in Bell County because of early morning glitches with check-in systems. Provides legal advice to the Commissioners Court and to other elected officials. Pay by card or PayPal to finish making an account. The investigation will focus on whether the adoption of the amendment and the permitting process is discriminatory, and whether the state agency failed to seek meaningful public comment. The petition also acknowledges the county has provided some of the requested documents. Will Archer is represented by Elizabeth Alvarez. Verify that the Texas Attorney Vacation Form youre considering is appropriate for your state. There will be a lot more litigation over the rest of that law to come. 10-DAY DEMAND LETTER PROCEDURES The District Attorney requires that you write a letter to the person in possession of your vehicle. Instead, the legislature and the Governor have made it a crime to do so.. The Chron has more. All About Bail Bonds owner and plaintiff Sunya Claiborne argued in the lawsuit that the policy jeopardizes her business calling the minimum fee requirement classic price fixing and a per se antitrust violation. The lawyer for the plaintiff, Kevin Pennell, said he plans this week to appeal the judges order. A new Texas law that keeps local election officials from encouraging voters to request mail-in ballots likely violates the First Amendment, a federal judge ruled late Friday. Our practice is focused on debt collection remedies. The voted ballots are the core of the election process and the prohibition on disturbing the ballots (except in limited circumstances as permitted by the Election Code) preserves the integrity of the election itself, wrote Adam Bitter, general counsel for the office,in a letter obtained by Votebeatthrough a public records request. So, until I hear otherwise, it is my contention that these provisional ballots are not enough to alter any races result, and also that this doesnt matter because all of the ballots should be counted. The letter, a response to a letter sent by seven Houston-area Congressman urging Buttigieg to not impede the project, was drafted by Stop TxDOT I-45, which formed to oppose the project, along with Air Alliance Houston and 14 environmental, community or left-leaning groups. Judge Lawton-Evans is represented by Anthony Drumheller. The County Attorneys office, however, said it had no information that anyone had attempted to misrepresent themselves as public employees, which would be illegal. 8(lost to Judge Erika Ramirez), Bruce Bain, former candidate for the269th District Court(lost to Judge Cory Sepolio), Michelle Fraga, former candidate for the281st District Court(lost to Judge Christine Weems), Elizabeth Buss, former candidate for theHarris County Criminal Court at Law No. These losing candidates are finally laying bare what we all know to be true for them, its not about improving elections or making sure our elections are secure, its about playing games with our democratic systems and refusing to accept the will of the voters.. Hidalgo said Hegar came to an incorrect conclusion by dividing Harris Countys 2022 short fiscal year budget by seven months and multiplying that number by 12 to get the annualized budget. Will, Advanced Though there is concern about the projects impacts in Midtown, Third Ward and Eado, the most vocal opposition to the project emanates from north of downtown where TxDOT proposes to add two managed lanes in each direction to I-45. Im extremely doubtful that there is a legitimate legal challenge here, Stein said. Greg Abbotts executive order prohibiting local authorities from issuing COVID-19 restrictions, such as mask and vaccine mandates. Fortunately, we know how to handle these types in fact, many of our clients have been shocked to learn that their investigations have been closed with zero civil or criminal liability. The men gave her an official-looking affidavit form and asked her to sign it attesting to the residents at the address under penalty of perjury.. Oh, and the second place where there might be a Democratic primary fight worth watching is in Precinct 1. Greg Abbott recommended keeping the current waiting period. Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee said the county would challenge Hegars finding in court if necessary. [Paxtons office wants] to throw a monkey wrench into the operations of vote counting, especially if they think they might lose, and Paxton is in a close race as far as I can tell, said Linda Eads, a professor at Southern Methodist Universitys Dedman School of Law and a former deputy attorney general for litigation for the state of Texas. The lawsuit was brought by Harris County election administrator Isabel Longoria and Cathy Morgan, a volunteer deputy registrar who is appointed to help register voters in Travis and Williamson counties. Opponents argue the projects design further divides communities it crosses, exacerbating decades of freeway expansion that has worsened air quality and safe street access for those neighborhoods in order to deliver faster car and truck trips for suburban commuters. (That lawsuit is now on hold as negotiations continue.) Nevertheless, the requests contained in civil investigative demands and grand jury subpoenas often exceed the appropriate boundaries of what can be asked for. Alan Rosen had his eye on the Sheriffs office back when Ed Gonzalez was a nominee for head of ICE, but thats off the table now. They also refer to the overall total of about 4,000 provisional ballots the actual overall total is 4,333, of which 1,778 were cast early and are clearly not at issue. Icsezen interpreted this to mean that they werent allowed to observe the SVC, checked his interpretation with the Harris County Attorney, which approved his decision, and turned the poll watcher away. The Harris County Democratic Party is NOT doing anything to assist the 22 electeds. The move came at the end of a whirlwind day where local officials in Dallas and San Antonio prevailed at least temporarily in their own legal challenges to the governors order. This court is a sham and a disgrace, and the only way forward is to pack it with judges that will actually apply the law. It doesnt make any sense outside of, obviously, cynical partisanship and these targeted actions against Harris County, the most diverse county in the state Mirza said. Hudspeth 4,660 22,009 0 9,952 In filing the form, bail agents ask deputies to take the defendant into custody, while they keep the defendants bail deposit and stop being responsible for the person in the eyes of the court. In his orders, hell suspend two to three laws specifically by name, and then hell say any other laws that could allow a local official to do something inconsistent with what Im doing, Menefee said. 2023-00952; Nile Copeland v. Judge Latosha Lewis Payne. Lawyers, please feel free to correct me as needed. Attorneys for the city and county relied on a dissenting opinion from a judge on the 8th Court of Appeals in a mask mandate case involving El Paso County, Ariens said: that Texas law does not allow the governor to suspend laws giving local governments the ability to respond to public health crises as they see fit. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg during a press conference Wednesday, July 1, 2020, in Houston. Hegars claim is a repeat of a fight thatalready played outbetween the comptroller and Harris County last August. Each of them should be deeply embarrassed and these claims should not be taken seriously by the public, said Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee. Facility operators say the plants are safe and need to be close to construction sites. To say the least, that is a massive, massive upending of the regular democratic order. The Texas Secretary of States office agrees with the GOPs assessment. Turner sent a proposed agreement, in the form of a memorandum of understanding, to Bugg last August. State highway officials held fast to their plans for rebuilding Interstate 45 in Houston on Thursday, offering a litany of benefits the project will bring and pressing federal officials to lift a 12-month-and-counting pause on development. And even the states witness Keith Ingram, the Texas secretary of states director of elections indicated the threat of prosecution loomed over election officials. Former officer Gerald Goines led a raid on the home, which police believed to. For the subject that I wanted to be thinking about yesterday, we start with this. Another reminder: There were 782 voting locations on Election Day, and you could vote at any of them. Shell have plenty of time to build that treasury back up; she did a pretty good job of that this cycle, so Id expect to see her total tick up in short order. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The county attorneys probe is based on a complaint from at least one Sunnyside resident who said two men came to her home and asked questions they said were to confirm the identities of registered voters who live at that address. The opinion from Paxton doesnt carry the force of law, but experts say it will almost certainly serve as the basis for a lawsuit by right-wing activists. Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee announced a settlement of the countys lawsuit against e-cigarette company JUUL Labs, Inc. over claims that JUUL deceptively marketed its products to children. The ban on sending unsolicited mail-voting applications was one of many provisions containedinSenate Bill 1, the sweeping GOP voting law that was passed Sept. 1during the Legislatures second special session. Proper: For each employer for whom you have worked within the past five years, documents evidencing the name and address of each officer, director, or manager of those employers and documents evidencing each persons position. See here and here for some background. The proposed rule stemmed from concerns that defendants were being released on bail fees lower than the 10 percent and then being forced into payment plans. While remaining supportive of parts of the project, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and city staff have suggested several changes to the project to eliminate some frontage road lanes, re-stitch neighborhoods divided by the freeway with better bike and pedestrian access, and increase commitments to community housing and flood control. Well just have to keep an eye on that. I am disappointed that the Fifth Circuit has undone the preliminary injunction that protected Administrator (Isabel) Longorias First Amendment rights, Menefee said in a written statement. See here for the background. Contractors, Confidentiality Herman 0 96,574 0 518,009 State law requires four members of the court be present to set the property tax rate. Theres no explanation for it hes just flat wrong. Anyone who ran into a problem at one location could have gone to another. In Tarrant County, volunteers with a conservative group occupied a room in the elections office for weeks this summer, examining 300,000 ballots from the March 2020 primary, which were made available by the county 22 months after the election. An election judge is the person in charge of running a voting location. Now, someone wakes up on Election Day and suddenly thinks law enforcement officials and deputized election officers are an issue?. It is an omnibus law, containing the provision challenged inLongoria v. Paxtonas well as restrictions on other aspects of voting and elections. Most letters will include a section labeled Definitions that instructs the recipient about how to interpret keywords within the text of the requests. A grand jury subpoena is a court order demanding that the recipient produce documents and/or testify at a given time. TxDOT officials and supporters of the project, however, counter that benefits are built into the project that will mitigate the losses and leave many communities better off. Danna 1,983 19,814 18,452 982 As I said before, the obvious way to deal with delays in opening a given voting location is to push back the closing time for it. 3 Cause No. Center, Small Real Estate, Last Contractors, Confidentiality An investigator with the AGs Election Integrity Unit spoke to Icsezen in December of 2020, and apparently concluded that this was basically a misunderstanding of an unclear law, and did not warrant further action. Texas law disqualifies the judges in a county from presiding over an election contest filed in that county. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. The petition was filed Monday afternoon. 2023-00934; Brian Staley v. Judge Monica Singh. All parties were put on notice that the votes would be counted.. That doesnt mean Ill agree with every decision they made, but I start out with the belief that they did their best to act in our interest. This one will be heard in a courtroom. Morales-Doyle said that Morgan began the case with a reasonable fear of prosecution and while the state has indicated a disinclination to prosecute she does not know the position of the Travis County district attorney, nor what future district attorneys would do. If you need to write a similar letter. The contests being filed request that the more than one million votes cast in Harris County be voided and the county hold another election for the races being challenged (e.g., Harris County Judge, 189thDistrict Court, 180thDistrict Court, etc.). The challenges were first reported by The New York Times, which found the affidavits disputed the eligibility of more than 6,000 voters. As noted recently, the Supreme Court never responded to the initial writ, so I assume this was just a matter of the local GOP deciding it wasnt worth the effort to continue. If thats what we have to do, then so be it. I would retain a lawyer and do not talk to any police officers. Federal prosecutors sometimes resemble sharks, because they are frequently unwilling to abandon even fruitless investigations unless they draw some blood. Another type of letter that can be issued from the United States Attorneys Office is a target letter..

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